[xep-support] Still trying to integrate XEP into Oracle 9.2

From: Lars Jørgen Tvedt <l.j.tvedt@edd.uio.no>
Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 07:20:51 PST


I am still trying to integrate XEP into Oracle, and I have located the
problem to a number of internal classes called "Test".

One example:
In "com/renderx/crypto/MD5", Oracle is not able to locate

I have tried to disassemble the MD5-class using javap on Solaris to try to
find what is wrong, but javap is also failing:

javap -c -classpath ~/XEP4.1/lib/xep.jar com/renderx/crypto/MD5
Error: No binary file 'com/renderx/crypto/MD5. Test'

Do anybody know if there is something peculiar with the way these classes
are implemented?

I think there also may be something wrong with the way Oracle is locating
classes, but I guess I have to give them an example to work with, and for
that I think I have to ask for permission to send them a copy of the

Lars Jørgen Tvedt

Lars Jørgen Tvedt
Eining for digital dokumentasjon (EDD), Universitetet i Oslo
Postboks 1123 Blindern, N-0317 OSLO, Norway
Telefon (+47) 22 85 49 84, Fax (+47) 22 85 49 83

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