[xep-support] maximum number of internal links in one document?

From: Diane Larin <diane@inro.ca>
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 11:23:58 PST


I am using a trial version of XEP in order to evaluate if it can
fulfill my needs (up to now, I was using FOP but I was not satisfied
with the result).

I have a book of about 600 pages. This is a reference manual containing
a lot of internal links (around 4000). When I use XEP, I get several
messages of the following type:
  [warning] unresolved internal destination: 'XXXX'
Indeed, when I open the resulting PDF, several links are no
longer resolved (they are resolved when I use FOP or when I
use xsltproc to generate the HTML output).

I have no such warnings when I use XEP with smaller documents
(around 200 pages, up to 250 internal links)
Is there a maximum number of internal links inside one document?

Also, with all my documents, I receive the following warning messages:

  [warning] 'span' attribute on block ignored because the element is not
  a direct child of a flow

I have no idea of the cause, and I don't know how it may affect the

Thanks for your help,

Diane Larin

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