Re: [xep-support] BASE and ROOT Properties

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 22:19:30 PST


as it is explained in the documentation, to specify where XEP's configuration
resides, set the URL of the configuration file as the value of CONFIG option
(or com.renderx.xep.CONFIG system property).

To set the base URL for a document, specify the systemID for the document
when you pass StreamSource, SAXSource or DOM document to XEP. This is
the standard way to do it.

All this is explained in documentation and demonstrated in the examples
and connectors' source code available with the Integration and Connectivity


> The parser don't reconize the BASE and ROOT properties in XEP v4.0.
> I had used those properties in XEP v3.0.
> I want to know how to use the features of BASE and ROOT properties in XEP v4.0.
> The xml:base don't seem to be relative for my WEB APPLICATION. Relative URI features are need on a distribute "servers" setting. The BASE properties with the
> URIResolver had work well in the past. I cannot put because I support many domain. I can only know where I am, when I process the PDF in the
> java class. I do this by accessing the classpath of my URIResolver and check on wich domain the EAR is.
> Without a feature to do it, I cannot evolve to v4. This imply a lot of concerns for my administration.
> I have put all other information in a couple email : Invalid system ID and XEP v3 to v4.
> I hope to have a good and fast answer about this topic.
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