Re: [xep-support] Fifth color in XSL-FO?

From: Alexander Peshkov <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 03:53:53 PDT

Hello Stijn,

As far as I understood your situation, you actually need to print over
the picture with 'DryInk' color of required intensity.
I can suggest several variation of the same approach that will give
you desired effect. Since z-index is not supported in XEP yet we will
relay on the 'intrinsic objects z-index implied by their order.
Note also that this approach requires an a-priory knowledge of the
image size, but I suppose it should not be a problem for the foto-lab
there all images are usually of fixed dimensions (anyway you can
derive image size automatically in a number of ways).

First of all, you will have to specify 'matting color' in a Spot
color. It will look like this:
   rgb-icc(255, 255, 255, #SpotColor, DryInk, 0.33, #Grayscale, 0)

What you really interested in is the 5th and 6th arguments - color
name and intensity. Intensity should be a real value in the range
0.0–1.0, in this case I set it to be 0.33.
Please refer to our documentation for more detail on color specifier in XEP:
(note that Spot Colors supported in XEP starting from version 4.0)

With this color you'll have to fill the area that covers the whole of
the image and is positioned atop of it. The simplest way to achieve
this without explicit z-index is to put the image into background of
image-sized fo:block-container and then add another block-container of
the same size inside, this time filled filled with required color. It
will look like this:

<fo:block-container width="5in" height="3in"
  <fo:block-container width="5in" height="3in"
                    background-color="rgb-icc(255, 255, 255, #SpotColor, DryInk, 0.33, #Grayscale, 0)">

(in this example image is 5 by 3 inches)

Another approach would be to wrap your image into inline SVG
(using fo:instream-foreign-object) and then use SVG means to overprint
it with desired color.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov

SE> Dear Sir / Madam,

SE> We're successfully using RenderX to automatically produce high-quality PDF's for our digital photo print service. We would like to add gloss (or a coating) to the pictures in the PDF using a
SE> fifth color (DryInk on the Nexpress 2100 from Kodak). Is that perhaps in any way possible to implement in the XSL-FO used by XEP? We know it can (manually) be done in Quark and PitStop.

SE> Any helpful information on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

SE> Sincerely,

SE> ir. Stijn Elst
SE> Application Analyst

SE> Tel: ++32 3 760 11 45

SE> Entrepotstraat 3
SE> 9100 Sint-Niklaas
SE> Belgium
SE> Tel: ++32 3 760 11 20
SE> Fax: ++32 3 760 11 30


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