Re: [xep-support] footnotes: reversed text and placement problem

Date: Tue Oct 19 2004 - 12:28:50 PDT

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    Hello Alexander,

    I tried everything else but never thought of *text-indent*. That fixed
    it. Thank you!!

    Susan (banging head on desk!)

    --- Alexander Peshkov <> wrote:

    > Hello Susan,
    > You've hit a known problem. This strange effect actually manifests
    > strict compliance of XEP with XSL-FO specification :-)
    > According to XSL-FO specification all indents are inheritable and
    > should be inherited inside footnotes as well. In your case I suppose
    > that fo:block that surrounds your footnote has a text-indent and this
    > indent is inherited by the footnote. As a result the starting point
    > of
    > the text in the list label is pushed to the right of text ending
    > point
    > and the text became "reversed". The solution is to explicitly specify
    > zero text-indent on the fo:footnote element.
    > Best regards,
    > Alexander Peshkov
    > RenderX

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