Re: [xep-support] XEP v4 Desktop - XSL 1.1 support?

Date: Sun Oct 17 2004 - 09:49:45 PDT

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    --- Jirka Kosek <> wrote:

    > xsl:document was part of XSLT 1.1 that has never reached
    > recommendation
    > status. XEP is XSL-FO processor, not XSLT processor. But XEP is
    > budled
    > with XSLT processor Saxon. If you look into Saxon documentation you
    > will
    > notice that you can use xsl:document and that you can also use
    > saxon:output for the same purpose.

    Sorry. I did know that much, but I'm such a newbie that I have trouble
    asking the right questions.

    > But I can't imagine how you want to
    > use multiple result documents with FO.

    Well...because I have an extremely long document, 6,000+ pages, and an
    accompanying "Populace Index" document, which gives detail info on the
    hundreds of people mentioned in the document (and each person is
    mentioned many times). I had to use generate-id() to create unique IDs
    for the links. I can produce HTML files using xsl:document, and all
    the links work correctly. I want to be able to produce the same
    results in PDF. I am testing the XEP trial version 3.8.4 and can't get
    the links to work. Clicking a link only takes me to the beginning of
    the other PDF document, not to the correct location within the
    document. I've looked at the .fo files, and the "id" and
    "external-destination" references appear to be correct. All I could
    find with Google was this post

    but it relates to XEP 3.4. So I guess my question is, will I have the
    same problem with XEP 4.0, and if so, will the suggestion in that post
    fix it? (I tried that fix with my trial version, and it didn't help,
    but maybe I didn't do it right.)

    > May be you are just confused by this set of weird abbreviations like
    > XSL, XSL-FO, FO, XSLT, ...

    Actually, I do know the difference, but beyond that I pretty much stay
    confused. :) Maybe there is a better way than using xsl:document. ??
    Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. ?? I welcome any ideas or

    Thanks for your response,

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