[xep-support] background-image clipping

From: Steve Lloyd (steve.lloyd@ibo.org)
Date: Sun Oct 10 2004 - 23:29:40 PDT

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    I have a banner which is output as a page header, as a background image
    to a block which contains header text.
    What's the best way of ensuring that the entire background image is
    displayed? At the moment it is clipped to the area of the block text -
    which seems sensible, but not what is needed.

                <fo:static-content flow-name="chapterStartPage-region-before">
                <fo:block space-before="14mm" width="175.68mm"
    height="50.83mm" color="white"
                    <fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets="Level3Text">
                     <xsl:value-of select="ancestor::part/title"/>
                     <fo:block space-after="20mm"
                     <xsl:value-of select="title"/>

    Any help gratefully appreciated.

    Steve Lloyd, XML Developer-Editorial Production Dept.
    International Baccalaureate Organisation
    Tel: +44 29 2054 7869
    FAX: +44 29 2054 7778
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