Re: [xep-support] Creating a Table of Contents from an HTML file being transformed using XSL to FO

From: Kenneth Aitken (
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 09:06:25 PDT

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    Hi Werner

    Thank you very much for replying so promptly. I would really appreciate it if you could also give me a hint as to how to adapt it for transforming XHTML directly to FO.
    Could you indicate the relevant parts in the file to me, for example? That would be very helpful.

    Thanks again.


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    On 29.09.2004 at 10:38 Werner Donné wrote:

    >This is what I use. Note that the actual TOC-lines that are generated
    >are meant for processing with CSSToXSLFO, but you can easily replace it
    >with whatever you want.
    >Kenneth Aitken wrote:
    >> Has anyone successfully created a Table of Contents (TOC) using XSLT to
    >transform HTML files to FO files (and, ultimately, to PDF, e.g. with XEP),
    >with the HTML structure:
    >> <h1>Chapter 1</h1>
    >> <h2>Section 1</h2>
    >> <h3>Paragraph 1</h3>
    >> <p>...........</p>
    >> <h3>Paragraph 2</h3>
    >> <p>...........</p>
    >> <h3>Paragraph 3</h3>
    >> <p>...........</p>

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