Re: [xep-support] Korean fonts and Postscript Output

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Fri Sep 24 2004 - 03:00:21 PDT

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    Hello Uwe,

    The font you refer to is an OpentType font.
    In the current version of XEP there is no reliable way to include
    CJK fonts into produced PostScript.
    We are planning some serious enhancements in our PostScript generator
    for fourth version of XEP, but I don't think they will be included in
    version 4.0.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    ugLC> Hi,

    ugLC> I have to include Korean fonts in my FO documents processed by RenderX XEP.
    ugLC> I do so by using an Acrobat 6 font (namely "AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium-Acro") which I reference.
    ugLC> This work perfectly with PDF output.
    ugLC> But with that setting I can not produce Postscript output - as far as I remember, because it is a True Type font.
    ugLC> (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

    ugLC> Are there any ways to generate Postscript for FO documents containing Korean fonts with RenderX XEP in version 3?
    ugLC> Will there be a way in version 4?
    ugLC> If yes, what prerequisites are required to achive this?

    ugLC> Thank you very much in advance!

    ugLC> Uwe Goersch

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