[xep-support] Cell borders appear with slightly variable width in Acrobat

From: DESEYNE Jacques (Jacques.DESEYNE@swift.com)
Date: Fri Sep 10 2004 - 01:59:52 PDT

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    Our FO instances contain tables generated from CALS/Oasis Table Exchange model XML tables, which specifies the equivalent of
    border-bottom and border-right for each cell. Thus, in the generated FO, for each table-cell border-bottom and bottom-right are set as
    specified in the source data (values may be explicitly specified or implied). Border-top and border-left are never set. Cells in the
    last row do not have a border-bottom (border is set by the table itself) as well as cells in the last column do not have a

    This produces the output we expect, only when opening in Acrobat 6.0, some borders appear "thicker" than adjacent ones though all have
    the same border-width. For instance, the vertical border between column 2 and 3 in some row appears thicker than the adjacent vertical
    border between the same columns in the previous row. It should be the same line!
    The effect is less disturbing when zooming in, but remains visible up to the maximum 6400% zoom.

    It disappears when in Acrobat Preferences, one disables the option "Smooth line art". But then, entire vertical or horizontal lines
    appear thicker.

    In generated PostScript as well as in the intermediate 'at/xep' output format, it appears that the coordinates in "newpath, moveto,
    lineto, lineto, lineto, closepath, fill" (PostScript) or used by the 'polygons' (XEP) are very accurately set.

    I suppose the "newpath, moveto, ..." sequence is required in order to draw trapezia resulting in beveled borders. Is there a
    possibility to enforce the use of "moveto, lineto, stroke" ?

    When viewing the same PDF with Mac OSX Preview, there's no such symptom: all lines are rendered with the same width, at any zoom

    This looks like an Acrobat issue. Has anyone attempted different settings to cope with this effect or is it unavoidable?

    Any advice appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Jacques DESEYNE
    Society for Worldwide International Financial Telecommunication
    User Documentation Dept.
    B-1310 La Hulpe

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