[xep-support] Urgent: XEP OpenType Font problems, encoding, ordering, supplement??

From: Peter Kester (peter.kester@daidalos.nl)
Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 03:36:12 PDT

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    Hi all,

    We've got a problem regarding XEP and OpenType fonts.

    We have an OTF font called Minion Pro on a WindowsXP-Pro Machine. We try to
    use this one within XEP. But then te problem occures. What do we have to
    fill in values for the 3 attributes:

    - adobe-encoding

    - adobe-ordering

    - adobe-supplement

    XEP manual is pretty vague about this. We have no clue what the XEP engine
    does with this information.

    We have no clue what values are required.


    <font name="MinionPro-Regular"


    adobe-encoding="Unicode" <---- ???

    adobe-ordering="Latin1" <---- ???

    adobe-supplement="1" <---- ???


    <alias name="OTFMinionPro-Regular"/>


    Isn't there any way of using this font in XEP without using these 3
    attribute values?

    This OTF font Minion Pro works fine through the whole windows
    operatingsystem. We can use it in MS Word, Text editors, Charmap, Wordpad,
    Photoshop without any problem. What is the problem here with XEP?

    XEP info:


    XEP 3.8.1 Client

    Font information:


    MinionPro-Regular (OpenType)

    OpenType Font, Digitally Signed, PostScript Outlines, Single Master

    Typeface name: Minion Pro

    File size: 170 KB

    Version: OTF 1.010;PS 001.000; Core 1.0.27;makeotf.lib1.3.1

    (C) 2000 Adobe Systems Incorporated. ...

    P.s. we might send you the font file if needed.


    Peter Kester

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