Re: [xep-support] Behavior of xml:base in font configuration file (3.77)

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 06:11:58 PDT

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    Alexander Peshkov wrote:

    > Hello Eliot,
    > Currently relative URLs in the xml:base property used in font
    > configuration file are resolved with respect to location specified by
    > METRICS property. By default METRICS is set to 'afm' subdirectory of
    > XEP root. That's why you have such a result. I agree that this
    > behavior is somewhat awkward and we will change it in the next major
    > release. In the meantime you can work around this problem by setting
    > METRICS to the path where fonts.xml is found. In general for font
    > configuration in XEP 3.x it is recommended to set METRICS to the root
    > fonts catalogue and then address all font file in fonts.xml by
    > relative paths.

    Thanks--I'll try that. Should work.

    > Actually we have never advertised use of xml:base in fonts.xml :-)

    It's in the manual....



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