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Date: Tue Aug 17 2004 - 19:38:30 PDT

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    At 2004-08-17 15:07 +0100, Parr, Christopher wrote:
    >I've hit a problem with landscaped tables where the first page of the
    >table is displayed and the rest is missing.
    >I'm using <fo:block-container reference-orientation="90"> to orientate the
    >table landscape however from what I can see from other posts this may be
    >the wrong way to do it. I either can't see the solution in the posts or I
    >don't fully understand the problem.

    When I want to do landscaped tables with page flow I use a page geometry
    where the body region is rotated. Header and footer regions need not be

    If you have control over the page geometry that you can start your own
    page-sequence using the rotated page then it is straightforward.

    If you want to have your authors *trigger* a rotated table, this is not
    nearly as easy. To mitigate the situation I created a free formatting
    semantic implemented in XSLT available from the "Free resources" area of
    our web site. It is called the Page Sequence Master Interleave (PSMI) and
    rotated tables over page boundaries happens the be the exemplar used in the

    A Google search on "PSMI XSL-FO" points to a number of posts that I and
    others have made on this.

    I hope this helps.

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