Re: [xep-support] Error with multi-property-set for basic-link

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Wed Jul 28 2004 - 02:23:20 PDT

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    Hello Brian,

    Dynamic effects described in XSL-FO by multi-* objects and respective
    properties could not be implemented in PDF or PostScript which are the
    main target medias for XSL-FO rendering. Thus those elements and
    properties are not supported in XEP nor in any other formatters.
    Actually they haven't got much attention of XSL-FO community at all.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    CBD> Hello,

    CBD> After seeing an example on this page
    CBD> <URL:> (just above), I
    CBD> tried to recreate it for a pdf.

    CBD> An excerpt from the input XML:

    CBD> <p>... The Florida statues can be found at <ulink
    CBD> url="">
    CBD> s,</ulink> Title 33: Chapter 509.</p>

    CBD> I use the following XSL:

    CBD> <xsl:template match="ulink">
    CBD> <multi-properties text-decoration="underline">
    CBD> <multi-property-set active-state="link" color="blue" />
    CBD> <multi-property-set active-state="visited" color="purple" />
    CBD> <multi-property-set active-state="active" color="red" />
    CBD> <multi-property-set active-state="hover" color="green" />
    CBD> <multi-property-set active-state="focus" color="blue" />
    CBD> <wrapper color="merge-property-values()"
    CBD> text-decoration="merge-property-values()">
    CBD> <basic-link
    CBD> external-destination="url({@url})"><xsl:apply-templates /></basic-link>
    CBD> </wrapper>
    CBD> </multi-properties>
    CBD> </xsl:template>

    CBD> But when running XEP (version 3.6.1), I get the following error:

    "C:\XEP>>xep -xml fs098.xml -xsl pdf.xsl
    CBD> (document
    CBD> (validate
    CBD> {![error] Element 'fo:multi-property-set' cannot be a descendant of
    CBD> 'fo:block' through wrapper elements. Only block-level or inline-level
    CBD> elements are permitted in this context.}
    CBD> [validation total: 5 errors])"

    CBD> I've had several other pairs of eyes look through this to make sure I didn't
    CBD> make a typo or get the structure wrong, but I can't figure out what the
    CBD> problem is. Any ideas?

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