[xep-support] XEP Docbook Processing Question Followup

From: Dr. Laurence Leff (D-Leff@wiu.edu)
Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 18:52:52 PDT

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    Thanks, Mr. Stayton, for your quick response to the question on
    installing and running RenderX software. I changed the
    use.extensions flag to zero. It processed the g.xml
    mentioned in my earlier posting and generated a PDF.

    However, the same script is having trouble with other files; thus I want to
    be able to use the extensions. Also, in the PDF file for
    the g.xml above, the lines do not extend all the way across the second column.
    The table appears to go all the weay across the page. However,
    the lines for the second column are 2.5 inches. I tried putting
    pgwide="0" on my informaltable call. That did not change anything.

    How do I know for sure which version of the extensions to use? I know it is supposed to match the version
    of SAXON. But how do I know which version of SAXON I have; I have
    a Jar file lib/saxon.jar that was in the XEP directory but don't know
    what version came in that directory.

    These are the jar files in the docbook-xsl-1.65.1/extensions:


    Perhaps Mr. Stayton or some other kind person can assist with what appears
    to be the last part of the installation of the XEP RenderX software.

    Dr. Laurence Leff Western Illinois University, Macomb IL 61455 ||(309) 298-1315
    Stipes 447 Assoc. Prof. of Computer Sci. Pager: 309-367-0787 FAX: 309-298-2302
    Secretary: eContracts Technical Committee OASIS Legal XML Member Section


    <section id="grade">
    <title id="grade.title">CS488 Grading Information</title>
    <table frame="all" colsep="1" rowsep="1" pgwide="0"><title>table title</title>
    <tgroup cols="2" align="left">
    <colspec colname="grade" colwidth="2.5in"/>
    <colspec colname="cutoff" colwidth="2.5in"/>
    <row><entry><literal>A</literal></entry><entry>4.0 or above</entry></row>
    <row><entry><literal>B</literal></entry><entry>3.0 to 4.0</entry></row>
    <row><entry><literal>C</literal></entry><entry>2.0 to 3.0</entry></row>
    <row><entry><literal>D</literal></entry><entry>1.3 to 2.0</entry></row>
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