[xep-support] RenderX, Batik, SVG

From: Ruth, Brice (bruth@Fiskars.com)
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 14:51:23 PDT

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    I'm currently in the process of putting together a backend that will
    take Illustrator CS created template documents, exported to SVG, then
    married with data, to be output as a print-ready PDF. By print-ready, I
    mean that this will go to a print shop, not so much a common printer
    device. So, things like CMYK & Pantone spot colors are important to

    I've landed at RenderX, because I'm using Batik, which uses Apache's FOP
    backend to generate PDFs from SVG. However, Apache's FOP doesn't handle
    colors as well as RenderX supposedly does, so I'm here.

    Now - my question to the list is quite simple: can I use RenderX as a
    backend to Batik? If not, or if the process would be excessively
    complex, can (should?) I use RenderX directly to generate a PDF from
    SVG? If so, I'm guessing I'll need to wrap a bit of XML/XSL-FO around my
    SVG. Without getting too deep into XSL-FO, what would be the
    base-minimum amount of markup I would need to be able to start testing
    the RenderX trial version?

    What type of documentation is out there for using the more advanced
    color extensions for RenderX? Does RenderX only support CMYK, or is
    there a way of generating a PDF with spot-color information?! If this
    latter point is not possible, what options am I left with to generate a
    press-ready PDF?

    Brice Ruth
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