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From: Victor Mote (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 10:29:14 PDT

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    Nikolai Grigoriev wrote:

    > I looked at your files, and noticed a funny thing: the
    > FrameMaker file actually uses a named destination inside the
    > go-to action :-).
    > So, if you style your link this way:
    > src="url(file:aruser.pdf#P.1)"
    > it will give you the exact equivalent of the FrameMaker output.

    Yes. FrameMaker automatically creates named destinations for each page, and
    the P.1 destination that you are seeing is such a destination. However, the
    target file is generated from XEP also. I know of no way in XSL-FO or XEP
    extensions to create named destinations for each page, nor even for one
    page. However, the workaround that you suggested of the empty block at the
    beginning of the document is adequate.

    The purpose for sending the FrameMaker output was so that you could compare
    the link in it with the link in the XEP output, for purposes of figuring out
    why the XEP link generates an error in Acrobat 6, but the FrameMaker link
    does not. I think you'll still want to find out what is going on there.

    Victor Mote

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