Re: [xep-support] XEP and Section 508 Usability

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Wed Apr 14 2004 - 00:52:36 PDT

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    Hello Chris,

    Currently XEP does not provide means to set alternative text for
    images in PDF. However we will consider adding special functionality
    in the future versions of XEP in order to address issues mentioned in
    your latter. Thanks for you feedback.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    CC> I'm successfully using XEP 3.7.7 to generate PDF for some technical
    CC> documentation, but I have a requirement for Section 508 (
    CC> usability.

    CC> When I run the accessibility checker from Adobe Acrobat I get the
    CC> following summary:

    CC> Summary

    CC> The checker found problems which may prevent the document from being fully accessible.

    CC> * All of the text in this document lacks a language specification.
    CC> * This document is not structured; the reading order of the contents may be incorrect.
    CC> * 136 images(s) with no alternate text.

    CC> The first two items are easily fixed from within Acrobat (although it
    CC> would be nice to have a XEP extension to define the Language, along
    CC> the lines of the XEP "Document Info" extension).

    CC> However, the third and most daunting task is adding alternate text to
    CC> the images.

    CC> Is there some way in XEP to define an Alt Text for a graphic, and have
    CC> the read in by Acrobat when it creates the tags?

    CC> Thanks,
    CC> Chris

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