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From: Victor Mote (
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 11:39:05 PST

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    > Victor,
    > > I am embedding a Type1 font in a PDF, using XEP 3.7.5 Client.
    > > Non-ASCII glyphs in the font do not appear to be getting embedded
    > > (e.g. emdash, copyright, quoteright). The font is an unedited Adobe
    > > font (Acaslon Regular).
    > >From your description, I suspect a mismatch between the embedded
    > encoding in the PFB file, and symbol codes (C field values)
    > in the AFM.
    > (For example, the font may be in MacRoman, while the AFM uses
    > codes from AdobeStandard).
    > I suggest the following experiment: modify the AFM by ascribing
    > -1 to all codes that differ between MacRoman and AdobeStandard:
    > this includes all codes >127, and 39 (quotesingle / quoteright).
    > It makes XEP believe that these characters are not part of
    > the embedded encoding; it will therefore produce a custom
    > encoding to include them, bypassing codes stored in the PFB.
    > If it helps, than my guess is correct. If not, I would really
    > like to look at your AFM/PFB pair; please send it off-list to

    You are exactly right. Adobe doesn't always ship AFM files with their fonts,
    and I was generating the AFM file from my font editing software. Apparently
    there is a problem there. I found the AFM files on the Adobe web site,
    downloaded them, and that fixed the problem. It was difficult enough to find
    them on the Adobe site that I am posting the URL here in case this helps
    anyone else:
    There appears to be a roughly 128K limit to downloads in one session.

    Thanks for your prompt and helpful advice.

    Victor Mote

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