Re: [xep-support] Strange problem with table columns and WSAD 5.0

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 02:19:31 PST

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    Hello Raj,

    Regarding the "squeezed" table-columns. We have seen a similar problem
    once upon a time - it was caused by the bug in IBM JVM and it's likely
    to be the same in your case since you are using WebSphere that utilize
    IBM JVM. Please check what version of JVM you are using inside of the
    WebSphere? What happens if you use the same JVM to run your test from
    the command line?
    Note that on the last occurrence we were able to create a special
    patch to circumvent this bug, but we strongly recommend to replace IBM
    JVM with Sun JVM if possible. Note also that the issue was raised with
    IBM so there is a chance that they have fixed it already.
    As for the error message cited in you latter - I suspect that is
    manifestation of some irrelative problem. I recommend you to check
    access right for XEP (remember that XEP should be able to write to
    it's temporary directory). It could be yet another breakdown of the
    JVM as well.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    scc> Hi,
    scc> I'm having this really strange problem with table columns when running XEP
    scc> from within WebSphereApplicationDeveloper.
    scc> All tables where the column-width attribute hasn't been specified rever to
    scc> vrery, very small column widths, with the content all squished together.
    scc> However, when I run the same program from the command line outside of WSAD,
    scc> same code, same xsl, same fo, the table width reverts to 100%, which is the
    scc> behaviour I want.
    scc> I've fixed it by specifying a default column width of 100%, but I'd like to
    scc> know what's causing this behaviour.
    scc> The only thing I can think of is the following output message:

    scc> (flow [flow-name xsl-region-body]
    scc> [error] d:\xep (Access is denied)
    scc> )))

    scc> where d:\xep is the XEP root. Is the default column width contolled by some
    scc> config file entry that XEP can't access? IT seem to be accessing the
    scc> license and the font files correctly?

    scc> We're using XEP 3.7.4.

    scc> Any ides?

    scc> Regards,
    scc> Raj

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