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From: Duncan, David (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 07:03:11 PST

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     I have another performance question. In regard to my previous email
    concerning multi-threading, i have discovered that using Oracle OCI driver
    causes problems in a muli-threaded application. I believe this is the main
    cause for my performance issues and not the xep driver. However i have a
    question regarding xep internal transformation step. I use xep to transform
    an xml file to xsl-fo and then render the pdf, so i use xep to perform 2
    steps. I was wondering if performance gains could be achieved by separating
    out the transform step? Perhaps I could use Xalan or Saxon to do the
    transform and pass xep the xslfo to render? I beleive xep uses JAXP...and
    maybe using another transformation engine (with freedom to optimise the
    engine) woudl help. Im also looking at stylesheet improvement such as,
             - Don't use "//" (descendant axes) patterns near the root of a
    large document.
             - Use xsl:key elements and the key() function as an efficient way
    to retrieve node sets.
             - Where possible, use pattern matching rather than xsl:if or
    xsl:when statements.
             - xsl:for-each is fast because it does not require pattern
             - Keep in mind that xsl:sort prevents incremental processing.
             - When you create variables,
             - <xsl:variable name="fooElem" select="foo"/>
                    is usually faster than
             - <xsl:variable
             - The use of index predicates within match patterns can be

    If anyone has any suggestions or comments that would be much appreciated.

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     I am having a major performance problem when upgraded to xep 371. I may
    have amde some code errors which ill investigate, but my initial finding
    appear to show problems with multi-threading on a mulitiple cpu machine.
    Basically i launch a single JVM which initialises XEP bu loading XEP system
    properties and by calling com.renderx.xep.gen.backends.H4PDF.init().

    Then ,multiple threads are spawned each creating a PrintPublisher class
    (note this is a publisher per xsl file. ie we cache the print publisher
    object for multiple transforms using the same xsl template),

    class DMSPrintPublisher {

            private static final Logger s_logger =
    Logger.getLogger(BatchPublishingClient.class); // log4j is thread-safe
            private static FOTransformer foTransformer;
            private FormatterImpl formatter;
        public DMSPrintPublisher(String template, Properties xepProps) throws
    CorrespondenceException {
            InputSource xsl = new InputSource();
            InputStream templateInputStream = new
            SAXSource saxSource = new SAXSource(xsl);
            try {
                    this.formatter = new FormatterImpl(xepProps,
                foTransformer = new FOTransformer(saxSource, formatter);

            } catch (Exception e) {
                throw new CorrespondenceException("Could not set up
    transformation engine: " + e.getMessage(), e);

        public void publish(String documentData, OutputStream dest) throws
    PublishException {
          try {
                  InputStream dataInputStream = new
                   StreamSource xml = new StreamSource(dataInputStream);
                FOTarget foTarget = new FOTarget(dest, "PDF");
                foTransformer.transform(xml, foTarget);
            } catch (Exception exc) {
                throw new PublishException(ErrorCodes.RECOVERABLE_SYSTEM_ERROR,
    "Failed to perform transform: " + exc.getMessage(), exc);

    My main concern is that when using xep 361 interface we saw the
    multi-threaded process being shared across a 4 cpu unix box (running
    Solaris8). However, using xep371 (along with code changes due to new
    interface), we see 1 cpu maxed out and the rest idle. This reduces
    performance by 4 fold.

    Perhaps I have made some errors in coding the publisher...maybe I should
    create one FOTransformer (initialised by xep properties) instead of 1 for
    each publisher object? Bu this seems to be a side issue. Are you aware of
    any potential multi-threading issues with the new version of xep?

    Many thanks for your support,


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