Re: [xep-support] Extra blank lines in linefeed-treatment="preserve" environment

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 01:56:21 PST

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    > Please note entity reference 
 at the end of each line. I agree that
    > this is quite uncommon, but software which I use to produce FO do it
    > this way. Line endings in my FO file are Unix ones (<LF>). I thought
    > that &#xD; followed by <LF> will be treated as <CR> <LF> and thus
    > normalized to single <LF> at the XML parsing time.

    Not exactly. Linefeed normalization occurs _before parsing_,
    and only involves CR and LF _characters_: see XML spec,
    section 2.11. An explicit &#xD; entity will be resolved to the
    respective Unicode character during the parsing (i.e. after
    the whitespace normalization), and delivered to the application
    in a regular fashion.

    > But XEP inserts blank line between lines in my listing. That leads
    > me to the conclusion that both &#xD; and <LF> are treated as newlines,
    > not as just one newline.

    Yes, we don't perform linefeed normalization _inside_ XEP:
    a newline is generated when the SAX parser delivers one of
    U+000A, U+000D, U+2028, or U+2029 (unless it is swallowed
    by the effect of 'linefeed-treatment' processing).
    Nikolai Grigoriev
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