RE: [xep-support] Landscape tables at end of document?

From: Clary, Brian D. (
Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 07:12:22 PST

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    On Friday, February 27, 2004 9:32 AM G. Ken Holman wrote:

    > At 2004-02-27 09:06 -0500, Clary, Brian D. wrote:
    > >Currently, just to test, I've set up an XSL-FO+PSMI file,
    > >and would like to know how to get RenderX to tranform the
    > XSL-FO+PSMI file
    > >into an XSL-FO file.
    > Hmmmmmm ... I've only ever done the FO processing as an
    > outboard process
    > using a tool like Saxon ... I'm not sure what is going on here.
    > >Here is the command I'm using:
    > >
    > >xep -valid -xml -xsl psmi/psmi.xsl
    > >
    > >And I get this error:
    > >
    > >(document
    > >[system-id file:/C:/XEP/]
    > >(compile Error on line 1020 column 23 of file:/C:/XEP/
    > > Error reported by XML parser: undeclared name prefix in:
    > >psmi:page-sequence
    > The message is from the XML processor, though, not XEP ...
    > have you done a
    > well-formedness check on your "" file?
    > It sounds like you've used:
    > psmi:page-sequence
    > without saying:
    > xmlns:psmi=""
    > Remember in XML that using a namespace prefix requires an in-scope
    > namespace declaration.
    > I hope this helps.

    Argh! I knew it was something simple; it works great now.

    One thing I just noticed. I have a <fo:conditional-page-master-reference
    page-position="first" master-reference="title-page" /> so that the first
    page (title page) has a footer to it. I noticed that I get the title page
    format on the first page after the new landscape pages (thanks to PSMI). I
    noticed this on the PSMI resource page:


    The breaking of the page sequence in which the PSMI construct is found
    necessarily produces multiple sibling page sequences. Care is taken in this
    environment to preserve the page sequence properties that can be preserved
    (such as force-page-count="end-on-even"), but nothing can be done for those
    properties that cannot be preserved (such as force-page-count="even"). When
    a property value cannot be guaranteed, a warning message is emitted using
    <xsl:message>, but processing continues to produce a result."

    So I'm curious if there's a way around this or if I just goofed something up

    > ............................ Ken

    Thanks for all your help.

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