[xep-support] XEPTask: BASE for resolving contained URLs?

From: Kenneth J. Hughes (kjh@entel.com)
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 09:23:58 PST

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    I expected that setting com.renderx.xep.BASE would cause relative URL
    references within the input file (to images, for example) to be
    resolved relative to its value, however I'm not seeing that. It
    appears that BASE is only being used to determine the input file
    locations. Should it not also be used to resolve relative URLs within
    the doc? If not, what's the proper way of telling XEP that relative
    URLs are to be resolved with respect to the directory of the document
    that contains the URL?

    If I forgo the xep ant task and instead set the dir attribute on a
    java task calling XEP directly, input files and their containing
    relative URLs do resolve successfully. However, to make that approach
    work from ant over a directory of input files is messy and
    inefficient; the xep ant task handles that better.

    Thanks for any answers or suggestions.


    Kenneth J. Hughes kjh@entel.com
    Entelechy Corporation http://www.entel.com/

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