[xep-support] Height of Table Rows With Empty Content

From: Eliot Kimber (ekimber@innodata-isogen.com)
Date: Mon Jan 12 2004 - 16:45:52 PST

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    I am generating a three-row table where the second and third row cells
    contain only zero-width space (​). The first row cells contain
    text (I'm drawing a little pica ruler, with numbers every 12 picas).

    The ZWSP is there to force XSL Formatter to preserve the blocks (with
    2.5R5, XSL Formatter started discarding FOs that have empty content).
    The second and third cells have start borders to create the ruler effect.

    XSL Formatter renders this table with the height of the rows equal to
    the current line height (which is set to 100% coming into the table.
    However, XEP renders the rows with a very small height, such that the
    ruler is just a line of dots.

    If I set an explicit height= attribute on the rows, then XEP renders the
    rows to that height. XSL Formatter ignores the height if it is less than
    the current line height (e.g., height="0.5em").

    I think the no-height-specified behavior of XEP is a bug since there is
    content in the cells, which should require that the inline areas be
    rendered at the current line height. It seems clear from the XSL-FO and
    CSS2 specs that the row height should be the determined by the cell
    content if it is greater than the height (if specified).

    The only other possibility is that XEP is treating ZWS as also having
    zero height, but I don't think that would be a correct behavior either,
    at least to the degree I understand the semantics of that character.



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