Re: [xep-support] fo:inline-container

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 05:09:20 PST

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    Hello Oliver,

    We do not plan to support fo:inline-container in the next release.

    However your requirements are not quite clear to me. Why do you need
    fo:inline-container? Text can be aligned to the 'inner' side with
    use of simple fo:block. What do you mean by "blocks with different

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    OB> Hello,

    OB> what are the chances to see fo:inline-container implemented in the next
    OB> XEP release?

    OB> I hope to realize a layout that I mentioned already in an earlier posting.
    OB> I want to create blocks with different widths, which are aligned on the
    OB> inner side:

    OB> +----------+ +----------+
    OB> | xxxxx | | xxxxx |
    OB> | xxxxx | | yyyyyyyy |
    OB> | yyyyyyyy | | xxxxx |
    OB> | yyyyyyyy | | |
    OB> | xxxxx | | |
    OB> +----------+ +----------+

    OB> It seems that the following construction would do that:
    OB> <fo:block ... text-align="inside">
    OB> <fo:inline-container>
    OB> <fo:block ...>
    OB> yyyyy or xxxx
    OB> </
    OB> </
    OB> </

    OB> Or is there another solution?

    OB> Thanks,
    OB> Oliver

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