Re: [xep-support] printable PDF needs extra margin and cutting markers

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 01:27:52 PST

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    Hello Janning,

    JV> Hi,

    JV> i produce some nice PDFs and now i want to give them to a printing
    JV> house. The paper is printed in full width to the edges.

    JV> Now i need "Überfüller" and "Schnittmarken" I dont know the words in
    JV> english and my online dictonary couldn't translate them.

    A suppose former is "bleeds" and latter is "crop marks".

    JV> "Überfüller"(extra margin??) means to put 3mm more margins on the
    JV> resulting papersize and "Schnittmarken" (cutting marker??) means to
    JV> place markers on the paper to cut the extra margin after printing.

    JV> There a three ways i can see:

    JV> 1. Option for XEP?
    JV> I read and looked for an
    JV> option to pass to XEP. It would be nice to give XEP options like
    JV> --extramargins 3mm --cuttingmarker true . But there are no options
    JV> like this.

    We plan to add extensions for some typographic features like this one
    in the future but I can't say when exactly.

    JV> 2. postprocessing pdf?
    JV> Is there a way to call ghostscript or something lese to to add extra
    JV> margin and cutting marker?

    I think this kind of question is better asked on some special mailing
    list dedicated to pre-flight document processing. Please note that XEP
    is not a pre-flight tool.

    JV> 3. manual FO
    JV> Of course i could change my fo code, but this isn't very nice, isnt
    JV> it? I would like to use the same fo for web pdf and print pdf and
    JV> don't worry about extra margins

    JV> Does anybody has a nice idea how to do it? I use docbook-stylesheets
    JV> to transform my xml to fo, and xep 3.6.1 to render the fo to pdf.

    Changing XSL FO will do the trick and, yes, it can be quite
    inconvenient. The only thing I can suggest apart from modifying XSL FO
    is to create two different customization layers for Docbooks
    stylesheets - one that will produce 'usual' XSL FO and another for
    'print-ready' XSL OF with bleeds and crop marks.

    JV> Any hints are welcome.

    JV> kind regards
    JV> janning

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

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