Re: [xep-support] Table positioning

From: Alex Peshkov (
Date: Thu Dec 11 2003 - 03:06:14 PST

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    Hello, Brian.

    If you want to create page-wide table which spans multi-column page
    you just need to set width of the table to "100%" and place this table
    inside of the fo:block with span="all" attribute. Not that such a
    block must be a direct descendant of fo:flow. If it's the first child
    of the flow it will be placed at the top of the first page. However
    it's not possible to place this table at arbitrary point of the flow
    and make float to the top of the page - there is no such means in XSL FO.

    As for recommended reading on XSL FO - we have an XSL FO tutorial
    (look here, and a number of
    samples (here
    Note that our tutorial (tutorial.pdf) and some basic samples are
    included in XEP distribution.

    There are several invaluable XSL FO resources listed at our links page
    They are worth exploring.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    CBD> Hello,

    CBD> I'm trying to position a page-width table to the top of a two column page
    CBD> (in a pdf). I'm pretty sure it can be done, but I just started learning
    CBD> XSL-FO a few weeks ago, and haven't been able to figure out how to do it
    CBD> yet. Are there any tutorials or resources that could help?

    CBD> Thanks.

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