Re: [xep-support] Creating "section headers" that repeat after page breaks

From: Oliver Becker (
Date: Mon Dec 08 2003 - 02:57:17 PST

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    Hi Tim,

    > I am trying to use XEP to generate a report that is broken into a series of
    > report sections. Each section needs to have a section header that is
    > re-printed at the start of a new page if the section spans across page
    > boundaries.
    > I'm assuming that I can do this using a table that has a single wide column,
    > placing my section header content within the <fo:table-header> element. I'm
    > trying to figure out if it is possible to also have specialized section
    > header content when a header is reprinted on a new page. For example, I'd
    > like to have a section header that says something like "Section 1" when it
    > is first printed, and "Section 1, continued" on the subsequent page.

    I think different page-masters instead of a table would do it best.
    In the static content (fo:region-before) you can refer to your current
    section using markers (fo:marker, fo:retrieve-marker).
    However, each report section starts on its own page in this case.

    Hope this helps,

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