Re: [xep-support] XEP and fonts on Unix (AIX)

From: Chris Braddock (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 12:21:28 PDT

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    > > Should I be able to simply copy my (Windows) TTF fonts
    > > over to a directory on the Aix box and point to that directory
    > > in fonts.xml?
    >Yes. XEP does all the work for parsing TTF itself: there is no
    >dependence of system facilities. TTFs are just binary files; if XEP
    >is able to locate it, there should be no difference in the formatting
    >result between Windows and AIX. The files should be identical
    >to the last byte; if they are different, then something is
    >wrong in your installation. In the latter case, I would like
    >to see a couple of files produced from the same source on
    >two platforms. Please send them off-list to;
    >I will try to figure out the cause for them being different.

    My bad. I have a web interface that allows users to build PDF files on the
    fly (using XEP on the back end obviously). When the user hits the "Update
    Preview" function, I render a PDF, then use ImageMagick's "convert" function
    (in combination with GhostScript) to convert the PDF to a JPG and push it
    down to the browser so the user gets a true preview of their PDF in a
    lightweight JPG form.

    As it turns out, the PDFs are being rendered fine. The fonts are getting
    screwed up in the PDF --> JPG conversion process. I had not seen anything
    like this until the move from Win32 to AIX.


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