Re[4]: [xep-support] docbook-fo stylesheets library?

From: Dawid Weiss (
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 14:43:31 PDT

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    JB> It would be nice if there were a little more variety than is offered by the
    JB> standard stylesheets. There are so many interesting page layouts out there,
    JB> it would be nice to have an entire library of stylesheet packages to
    JB> generate any of several page layouts for DocBook. (Maybe in a few more
    JB> years.)

    Yeah - this would be PERFECT...

    JB> The trick, though, is the huge number of elements in DocBook. Did
    JB> you give any thought to importing selected portions of the DocBook
    JB> stylesheets in your work? I would imagine, for example, that you could
    JB> import inline.xsl and block.xsl and instantly add support for several dozen
    JB> elements.

    The person that actually developed those customized stylesheets
    (Staszek Osinski) wasn't too determined to support everything... and
    the customization as I said was a lot of hacking anyway... But you are
    certainly right - I'm sure many elements could be reused. It would
    still take a loong time to develop a full coherent stylesheet...

    Thanks for response, Jeff. I appreciate and I think it'll be a
    valuable piece of information for XEP-docbook users too.


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