[xep-support] Setting base path for images

From: Wick Swain (WSwain@nutracorp.com)
Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 11:17:35 PDT

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    I am hoping someone can advise me on how to reset the base path when I
    generate multiple pdfs from a java application. It appears that the
    base path is set for the first pdf I generate but subsequent pdfs must
    all use the base path set by the first pdf. The xep console shows the
    same "system-id file" each time I generate a pdf.
    Hopefully I am missing something and there is a way to reset this base
    path. I thought the following would work, but it does not:
        System.setProperty("com.renderx.xep.BASE", "c:\\myNewBasePath");
        com.renderx.xep.gen.backends.H4PDF pdf = new
        com.renderx.xep.Driver.render(foDom, pdf);
    I have also tried to set the base path directly in the fo xml document
    as follows with no success:
    <fo:root font-family="GillSans-Condensed"
    xml:base="file:///C:/dev//actionLabs//ActionLabsOrderForm.fo" ...>
    Is there another way to set a base path for external image files?
    Thanks for any input.
    -Wick Swain

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