[xep-support] Changing font in the intermediate XEP-file

From: Joakim Norlöv (jnorlov@comhem.se)
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 04:40:35 PDT

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    I'm working with the intermediate XML-file that is created by XEP (the one you get when using the option -at at the command line).
    The problem I'm having is that I need to add some text at this level. By doing another XSL-transformation using a second XSL-file is working just fine, except for one thing: The text I need to add has to be in a different font size than the rest of the text.
    As I see it, the only way to change the font size is to use the <xep:font> element. But if I use that one, all children nodes after the place where I insert the new text with the new size, will also be of the new format.
    <xep:font> changes the font for all following text. How can I change it back to the previous font, without "hard-coding" the font format?
    Is there a way of creating a "temporary" font setting for a small amount of text?


    <xep:font name="Times-Roman" size="9000"/>
    <xep:text value="blablablablablabla..............blablabla"/>

    <!-- here I want to insert new text with the font size 4000 -->

    <xep:font name="Times-Roman" size="4000"/>
    <xep:text value="new text"/>

    <!-- if I changed the font size before, all this following text will also be of the new size, but I want it to be the original size -->
    <!-- remember that at this point, I have no way of knowing what the previous font settings were -->

    <xep:text value="blablablablablabla.........blablabla"/>

    /Joakim Norlov

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