Re: [xep-support] Confusion with FO tables and XEP

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 00:36:49 PDT

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    > SUMMARY OF PROBLEM 1) The (vertical) distance between the paragraph
    > preceding a table and the actual caption of the table does not change, no
    > matter what I have tried. For reasons of document usability, I really
    > would like to have a bit of space between the preceding text and the caption.

    table-caption generates a reference area. space-before.conditionality is 'discard'
    by default. If you really need to adjust the distance this way in your stylesheets,
    specify space-before.conditionality="retain" on the block with space-before.
    > SUMMARY OF PROBLEM 2) In the first table in my document, the left margin of
    > text in the table cells is exactly what I would like them all to be. In
    > the second and third tables, the left margin within table cells (all of
    > them!) has been increased by something on the order of 20 or 30 points. In
    > the fourth and fifth tables, the margins are back to "expected". I have
    > not checked all of my tables (this document has 52 tables), but a random
    > sampling suggests no particular pattern. The following two snippets are
    > taken from the first and second tables, respectively:

    Starting with version 3.3, I think, XEP2_COMPATIBLE_MODE=false by default,
    and indents are inherited through table boundaries (in accordance with XSL FO Recommendation
    and against common sense). Set start-indent="0pt" end indent="0pt"
    on table-body and the problem will be resolved.

    > SUMMARY OF PROBLEM 3) I would like for all of my tables' left border to be
    > aligned with my pages' left margin. Many of my tables are aligned in this
    > way, but others are not. There does not appear to be any pattern related
    > to the tables immediately following ordinary (unindented) text or following
    > (indented) numbered rules or anything else that I can find. I have not
    > included snippets of FO code for this problem because I have no idea what
    > would be appropriate to provide.

    Put the sample on FTP somewhere and send me a link off-list.

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