[xep-support] Table-cell height/reference-orientation

From: Johann Richard (Johann.richard@dspfactory.ch)
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 02:29:42 PDT

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    I use XEP 3.5 and I have some table that contains constructs like these:

       <fo:block-container reference-orientation="90">
          <fo:block>Cell 1</fo:block>

    What I would expect as output from XEP is a PDF that has the cell's
    height adjusted to the length ("height") of the rotated text--or in
    other terms--the height of the cell adjusted to the height of the
    <fo:block-container/> and its contents. However, XEP produces PDF output
    where the height value of this particular cell is such that it will go
    to the end of the page-area (See PDF attachment "reftest.wrong.pdf").

    Setting the "height" value of the <fo:table-cell/> to "auto" makes the
    output behave the same way. However, if I set the height to some value
    other than "auto", it produces nicely formatted output.

    >From my understanding, this is not what it should behave like. At least,
    I couldn't find any information about this in the XSL-FO reference.

    Could you please confirm that this is either "normal" behaviour or a

    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,
    Johann Richard

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