Re: [xep-support] Problems with fo tags written via disabled output-escaping

From: dougb (
Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 13:57:07 PDT

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    Nikolai Grigoriev wrote:

    > However, disable-output-escaping is a scapegoat of XSLT,
    > much like the goto operator in procedural languages :-) -
    > its use is potentially dangerous and therefore deprecated.
    > In most cases, there exist equivalent ways of achieving
    > the same markup with normal, regularly nested structures.
    > What are you using in for?

    I have an input structure like this:

    2 <element1>mixed-content</element1>
    3 <container>
    4 <para1>mixed-content</para1>
    5 zero or more additional paras, lists, etc.
    6 </container>

    I need the following in the output:

            <fo:inline>mixed content from element1</fo:inline>
            mixed content from para1
        any additional blocks, list-blocks etc. from line 5

    Perhaps there is a way of doing this without 'cheating', and I just haven't
    seen it yet. I'm trying to do this with a conventional push-processing
    style-sheet, but perhaps I need to get more creative.... :-)

    Thanks for the info re. processing and serialization.


    Doug Burgess 604-431-3455
    Structured Information Developer
    Product Development and Research Group
    Open Learning Agency

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