RE: [xep-support] Keep-together on table rows

From: Anders Svensson (
Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 07:33:13 PDT

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    When using XEP to create pdf:s we get the following error message if VALIDATE is set to true:

    {![error] Element 'fo:flow' cannot have non-empty text descendants here. Only bl
    ock-level elements are permitted in this context.}

    Apparently the processor won't accept something in our xsl, but what could it be? We have tried to eliminate anything that might be considered a text element which is a child to fo:flow, but with no luck... Everything works fine if we turn off validation, but the problem then seems to be that the id() function doesn't work. (At least that's what we think may be the reason.

    Any help appreciated!


    Anders Svensson
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