Re: [xep-support] Inter-document references

From: Jim Melton (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 23:25:21 PDT

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    Thanks for the pointer. I'll look a bit deeper at DocBook's stylesheets
    and see how they do it. But it sounds something like my thoughts on how to
    approach this, from what you describe.

    Thanks again,

    At 18:31 2003-04-17 -0700 Thursday, Bob Stayton wrote:
    >The DocBook XSL stylesheets have implemented two-thirds of
    >what you are trying to do. DocBook uses olink to link
    >to another DocBook document. The stylesheets have a
    >target collection mode that outputs the cross reference
    >information instead of the regular output. It outputs
    >XML so it can be easily parsed again on the second pass.
    >On the second pass, the name of the data file is passed
    >to the stylesheet as a parameter. The stylesheet opens the
    >data file and parses the data. When an olink is encountered,
    >it looks up the information and resolves the cross reference,
    >generating text if the olink is empty.

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