Re: [xep-support] Inter-document references

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 22:43:19 PDT

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    > Question 3) Once I have that information, how can I turn the text (e.g.,
    > Section 4.2, "Data types", in Part 2) into a "hot link" that will cause
    > Acrobat to open the file containing part 2 and position it at the start of
    > Section 4.2 --- or at least on the same page? (I'm aware of the
    > external-destination attribute, but have not been successful at making
    > referenced PDF documents open at the right place.) I'm unclear on whether
    > or how the rx:outline and rx:bookmark extensions would help, particularly
    > when there might be literally hundreds of referenceable destinations in a
    > given document.


    there will be good implementation of links to named destination in the
    next release of XEP. That's what you need for interdocument links to
    a particular location.

    Just wait a little.

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