Re: [xep-support] More on <rx:page-index>: feature request

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 05:51:50 PST

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    Paul A. Hoadley wrote:

    > I don't see how I can integrate this with the rx:key and rx:page-index
    > extensions -- putting an rx:key in the text at the start and end of
    > the range will just generate two single page references in the
    > rx:page-index.

    This is a limitation of the XEP indexing extensions--you have no control
    over which sequences of page numbers will result in ranges.

    I have a problem with this design because it will not satisfy the
    requirements of documents that explicitly set ranges, where the indexers
    have gone to great lengths to fine tune the indexes, and it will not
    satisfy the requirements of documents that do not use ranges at all.

    That is, there may be an important distinction between 1, 2 and 1-2,
    with the first indicating that two different and distinct mentions of
    the index term happen to occur on adjacent pages, while the second
    indicates a single page-spaning mention.

    Without more sophisticated index-specific markup at the FO level, the
    only complete solution I can see to the index problem is Ken's approach,
    which gives you full control over the final index.

    XSL Formatter's extension, which simply allows you to collapse duplicate
    page numbers within a sequence of page-number-citation elements is OK
    but doesn't provide an obvious way to manage page ranges (although it
    might be possible--it hasn't yet been a requirement for me) and it
    doesn't provide a way to protect "primary" page numbers from elimination.

    I think that the indexing requirements could be satisfied by applying my
    proposed "side file" extensions to do what Ken's approach currently does
    by putting data into the generated PDF--it would eliminate the PDF
    extraction step but would still require two XSLT passes. (See the exslfo
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