Re: [xep-support] problem with XEP Ant task

From: Ondřej Tučný (
Date: Fri Mar 21 2003 - 04:00:47 PST

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    > OndÜej,

    > 1) current version of Ant task does not take into account pecularities
    > of Ant's implementation of typed parameters. Paths not
    > starting with a slash are not considered absolute. As a quick
    > fix to this limitation, please specify the paths as

    > /r:/soft/xml/xep/3.2/lib,

    > that is, starting with a slash. They will be handled correctly then.

    Changing file:///d:/ol40/... to just /d:/ol40/... really solved the
    problem. Thank you for your help.

    > 2) destDir only affects members of filesets, as it is explained
    > in the documentation. In your example, filesets are not used, and
    > therefore destDir does not change anything.

    Thanks for this notice.

    Ondřej Tučný
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