Re: [xep-support] problem with XEP Ant task

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Thu Mar 20 2003 - 08:38:36 PST

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    1) current version of Ant task does not take into account pecularities
    of Ant's implementation of typed parameters. Paths not
    starting with a slash are not considered absolute. As a quick
    fix to this limitation, please specify the paths as


    that is, starting with a slash. They will be handled correctly then.

    2) destDir only affects members of filesets, as it is explained
    in the documentation. In your example, filesets are not used, and
    therefore destDir does not change anything.

    David Tolpin

    > I'm trying to use the XEP Ant task. I've set it up according to the
    > documentation:
    > The actual invokation of the task looks like this:
    > <xep
    > in="file:///d:/ol40/gen/build/2/source/documentation/"
    > destDir="file:///d:/ol40/gen"
    > format="PDF">
    > <classpath refid="xep-classpath"/>
    > <sysproperty key="com.renderx.xep.ROOT" value="r:\soft\xml\xep\3.2"/>
    > </xep>
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