Re: [xep-support] A question of page breaks and keeps

From: G. Ken Holman (
Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 17:09:05 PST

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    At 2003-03-17 16:27 -0800, Lori Wong wrote:
    >I have an instance where I have a list-item (with
    >keep-together-within-page="always") that exceeds the length of a page.

    The W3C Recommendation states this is an overflow error condition and the
    content exceeding the page length is discarded, not to be formatted. A
    numeric value of keep is allowed to be broken by exceeding the length of
    the page, any higher numeric values of keep will still try to be
    respected. When the keep is broken it is flowed as if the keep were never

    >In most lists, this appears to do the right thing, but in one case, this
    >occurs in the first item in the list, and the list is the first thing on
    >the page just after a heading. Although the heading block has a
    >keep-with-next attribute, there is at least one empty block that occurs
    >before the list-block, so XEP does not keep these elements together as I'd
    >like (the heading is on one page, and the first list element is put on a
    >new page).

    Can you get rid of the empty block? The keep-with-sibling properties have
    effect on the immediately adjacent area.

    >Is there a way for me to impose a page break within the list-block or to
    >somehow keep the block with the heading together with the first item in
    >the list-block?

    The empty block is the kicker in this situation ... I think you'll have to
    get rid of it. Is there a reason why it is there?

    .............. Ken

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