[xep-support] A question of page breaks and keeps

From: Lori Wong (wongl@llnl.gov)
Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 16:27:00 PST

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    I have an instance where I have a list-item (with
    keep-together-within-page="always") that exceeds the length of a page. In
    most lists, this appears to do the right thing, but in one case, this
    occurs in the first item in the list, and the list is the first thing on
    the page just after a heading. Although the heading block has a
    keep-with-next attribute, there is at least one empty block that occurs
    before the list-block, so XEP does not keep these elements together as I'd
    like (the heading is on one page, and the first list element is put on a
    new page). Is there a way for me to impose a page break within the
    list-block or to somehow keep the block with the heading together with the
    first item in the list-block? XEP does not allow me to place a <fo:block
    break-before="page"/> inside the list-block, otherwise this might be a way
    for me to force a page break within the item. Any thoughts on this?


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