[xep-support] Embedded Type 1 fonts - again

From: Els van Trigt (evtrigt@ambrac.nl)
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 02:07:22 PST

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    Sorry if I sent a similar message before, but we really hope for an answer
    soon, even if the answer is that it cannot be solved (presently) by XEP!

    We have a customer that prefers embedded Times Roman Type 1 fonts. According
    to the XEP documentation, this implies installing PFA & AFM files and
    changing the "fonts.xml" file. After having done all this, the newly
    generated PDF, still not shows "embedded" Type 1 fonts. The generated
    (Enfocus PitStop 4.03) report gives the following errors:

    "Error Font Times-Roman is not embedded
    Error Font Helvetica is not embedded
    Error Font Helvetica-Bold is not embedded
    Error Font Times-Bold is not embedded
    Error Font Times-Italic is not embedded"

    (The Helvetica is reported not because it is used in the document, but
    because it is the default font XEP needs, if I understand correctly.)

    The "fonts.xml" file has the types added as follows:

       <font name="Times-Roman"
          <alias name="Times New Roman"/>
          <alias name="Times"/>
          <alias name="TmsRmn"/>
          <alias name="TimesRoman"/>

    What other actions need to be taken to be sure that all the fonts used are
    embedded Times Roman?
    Could the problem be that the .afm or .pfb files are not correct?
    By the way, we have used embedded true type fonts in a similar way, and this
    worked, but somehow the Type 1 fonts do not show "embedded".

    Your help is very much appreciated!

    Els van Trigt

    Ambrac Information Management
    Pieterstraat 11
    3512 JT Utrecht
    Telefoon: 030-2316942

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