[xep-support] Urgent: Fonts won't embed!

From: Kevin Yank (kevin@sitepoint.com)
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 17:17:22 PST

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    I need this solved ASAP as our printing company is waiting for us to submit
    this PDF...

    I'm generating a PDF with XEP 3.2.1. The document uses three custom fonts,
    all of which are TrueType fonts, and each of which has several variants, all
    declared in fonts.xml with embed="true".

    The fonts are correctly used and displayed in the document produced;
    however, most of the fonts are not embedded!

    The code from fonts.xml is shown below. Here's the information given by
    Acrobat when I open the PDF that is produced and choose File -> Document
    Properties -> Fonts and then click 'List All Fonts...':

    Original Font Type Encoding Actual Font Type

    Chianti-Bold                 TrueType (CID)  Identity-H  Embedded
    ArrusBT-Roman                TrueType (CID)  Identity-H  Embedded
    Times-Roman                  Type 1          Windows
    ArrusBT-Italic               TrueType (CID)  Identity-H
    ArrusBT-Bold                 TrueType (CID)  Identity-H
    Monospace821BT-Roman         TrueType (CID)  Identity-H
    Helvetica                    Type 1          Standard
    Monospace821BT-Bold          TrueType (CID)  Identity-H
    ZapfDingbatsITCbyBT-Regular  Type 1          Built-in
    Monospace821BT-Italic        TrueType (CID)  Identity-H
    As you can see, only 2 of the 7 custom font variants I specified are being
    embedded! What am I doing wrong?
    fonts.xml code follows...
       <font name="ArrusBT-Roman" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arrusn.ttf"
         <alias name="Arrus"/>
       <font name="ArrusBT-Bold" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arrusb.ttf" embed="true">
         <alias name="Arrus-Bold"/>
         <alias name="ArrusBold"/>
         <alias name="Arrus Bold"/>
       <font name="ArrusBT-Italic" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arrusi.ttf"
         <alias name="Arrus-Italic"/>
         <alias name="ArrusItalic"/>
         <alias name="Arrus Italic"/>
       <font name="ArrusBT-Bold-Italic" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arrusbi.ttf"
         <alias name="Arrus-Bold-Italic"/>
         <alias name="ArrusBoldItalic"/>
         <alias name="Arrus BoldItalic"/>
       <font name="ChiantiBT-Roman" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\tt1210c_.ttf"
         <alias name="Chianti"/>
       <font name="ChiantiBT-Bold" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\tt1212c_.ttf"
         <alias name="Chianti-Bold"/>
         <alias name="ChiantiBold"/>
         <alias name="Chianti Bold"/>
       <font name="ChiantiBT-Italic" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\tt1211c_.ttf"
         <alias name="Chianti-Italic"/>
         <alias name="ChiantiItalic"/>
         <alias name="Chianti Italic"/>
       <font name="ChiantiBT-Bold-Italic" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\tt1213c_.ttf"
         <alias name="Chianti-Bold-Italic"/>
         <alias name="ChiantiBoldItalic"/>
         <alias name="Chianti BoldItalic"/>
       <font name="Monospace821BT-Roman" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\MONO821N.TTF"
         <alias name="Monospace821"/>
       <font name="Monospace821BT-Bold" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\MONO821B.TTF"
         <alias name="Monospace821-Bold"/>
         <alias name="Monospace821Bold"/>
         <alias name="Monospace821 Bold"/>
       <font name="Monospace821BT-Italic" ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\MONO821I.TTF"
         <alias name="Monospace821-Italic"/>
         <alias name="Monospace821Italic"/>
         <alias name="Monospace821 Italic"/>
       <font name="Monospace821BT-Bold-Italic"
    ttf="c:\WINDOWS\Fonts\MONO821BI.TTF" embed="true">
         <alias name="Monospace821-Bold-Italic"/>
         <alias name="Monospace821BoldItalic"/>
         <alias name="Monospace821 BoldItalic"/>
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