Re: [xep-support] SVG

From: Tobias Reif (
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 05:10:11 PST

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    Gustaf Liljegren wrote:

    >>server products support FO, and SVG. Anyways, I believe SVG (among PNG
    >>etc) will become *the* graphics format for use with XML documents and FO.
    > I don't think the guys at RenderX need any persuation about the SVG.

    Well, if XEP would fully support SVG, I'd buy it. Since I'm probably not
    the only one, I thought that this would interest RenderX.

    > In
    > fact, XEP had some experimental SVG support earlier.

    I know; it was too incomplete for my needs.

    > In XEP 3, SVG was
    > dropped (maybe the partial support raised too many questions?)


    > and now
    > we're waiting for a better SVG implementation.

    Exactly! That's what I expressed in my post.

    > In the meanwhile, I keep on nagging about PDF embedding.

    Please feel free to do so; it just is offtopic for a thread about SVG.

    > If you use the PS output,

    I wrote "I need to generate high-quality PDF".


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