Re: [xep-support] evem line height with superscript (was:1. unicode characters (eg arrow up) 2. line-height)

From: Tobias Reif (
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 03:27:24 PST

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    >>line-height-shift-adjustment seems to do what it should
    >>(though I have the impression that now there's a more
    >>space *below* the line),
    > It should be *between* the lines :-).

    I don't understand; there are now three lines involved, not two. My
    issue is the too large space (margin) above lines with footnote marks,
    and line-height-shift-adjustment seemed to introduce a new issue namely
    too large space (margin) below these lines.

    Anyways, I guess there was no real misunderstanding :)

    >>but the superscript text now nearly touches the above line.
    >>I'd rather have a way to lower the location of the superscript
    >>text. Is there any?
    > You move things vertically by baseline-shift property.
    > Besides two predefined (and application-dependent)
    > values, "sub" and "super", you can specify the exact
    > length:
    > ... H<fo:inline font-size="80%"
    > baseline-shift="0.33em">2</fo:inline>O
    > Positive values move the text up, negative ones pull
    > it down. It is convenient to express shift values in ems,
    > so that they scale proportionally to the font size.

    Thanks, I'll see how I can set that in my driver ..


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