Re: [xep-support] 1. unicode characters (eg arrow up) 2. line-height

From: Tobias Reif (
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 02:02:01 PST

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    Paul A. Hoadley wrote:

    > On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 12:17:54AM +0100, Tobias Reif wrote:
    >>When there is superscript stuff, eg for footnotes, I get uneven line
    >>Is this an issue of XEP or should it be resolved by changing the FO
    > [I assume you're using DocBook here, as in your first question.]

    Yes, the FO is generated from DocBook, but I'd like to find a solution
    which will help me with FO in general, no matter from which source it
    came :)

    > IMHO, at least part of the problem is that the FO stylesheets

    You mean Norman Walsh's DocBook to FO XSLTs? Yep, I'm using those to
    generate FO. But using DocBook doesn't necessarily mean using Norman
    Walsh's XSLTs; for example to get XHTML from DocBook, I use my own XSLTs :)

    > don't
    > reduce the font-size of the footnote mark by enough [...]
    > 60% in Times Roman causes
    > no baseline shift (that I can detect), though maybe the mark looks a
    > little too small at this size.

    The footnote marks are pretty small already IMHO, so making them much
    smaller will make them unreadable. Is there a way to lower the location
    of the marks instead?

    > YMMV with other fonts. Anyway, the
    > customisation involves a single template:
    > <xsl:template name="format.footnote.mark">
    > <xsl:param name="mark" select="'?'"/>
    > <fo:inline baseline-shift="super" font-size="60%">
    > <xsl:copy-of select="$mark"/>
    > </fo:inline>
    > </xsl:template>
    > See if that helps.


    I'm using
        <s:param name="ulink.footnotes" select="1"/>
    with the latest NW-XSLTs. I'm not sure if select="'?'" will work (?)
    Thank you very much for your help; I'll see which way I'm going to choose:
    a) Decrease the size of the footnote marks as you suggested,
         but not too much, then resolve the remaining gap by increasing
         the general line height.
    or better (perhaps in addition)
    b) Find a way to lower the location of all superscript text.


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