Re: [xep-support] Underlined hyperlinks in PDF output

From: Sebastian Rahtz (
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 04:03:20 PST

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    > Any chance we can use common names for processing instructions?

    maybe. currently I'd say something like
    <?xmltex \pdfcatalog { /ViewerPreferences << /FitWindow true >>} ?>

    (untested!), ie we have a TeX primitive to add things to
    the PDF catalog. Having a PI pdfcatalog might do, so
    one could say

     <?pdfcatalog /ViewerPreferences << /FitWindow true >> ?>

    But I realize the link style thing is harder, as it is
    set per link. so I end up calling a TeX command as follows:

          user {%
              \ifHy@newwindow /NewWindow true \fi
                /D[0 \@pdfstartview]%

    where things like bordercolor and style are TeX macros
    which have been set somewhere. I'm not sure how to generalize
    this so that it could be portable. But I'm sure you'll
    want all this in XEP sooner rather than later, eg setting a
    link to force opening a new window.

    we wont even talk about PDF forms :-}

    Sebastian Rahtz <>
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